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Hello, I am Jordan Rodrigues

Your Birth and Lifestyle photographer in Jacksonville, Florida

My passion for photography started at a very early age when disposable cameras were the "norm". I remember as a child taking photos of every little thing that was in my path. I always got so excited being behind the camera and I still do! My love and passion for capturing special moments have only grown.


Reflecting back on the many session I have had the opportunity to do; my favorites always tend to be birth, military homecomings, and family sessions.  I believe, ALL life moments are important and hold special places in our hearts. As a photographer, my desire is to reflect on you in every aspect during your session. I want your many quirks and uniqueness to shine through! Lastly, I want you to see how truly blessed you are. In each photo captured, my goal is to remind you of the simple blessings that life brings daily.

More about me... 

I am not only a full-time photographer but a wife and a mother. My husband Ben serves in the U.S NAVY as a rescue swimmer, my son Josiah is overflowing with energy, love, and laughter, my daughter Margaret is sweet but extremely sassy! Also, we have baby # 4 on the way (the expected due date is in September 2021). 

As you can see, my family is extremely important to me. Everything I do is for them and because of them. With them by my side, I am reminded daily of how truly blessed I am and to see the importance of those moments that flee so quickly. As a military spouse and a mother of an angel baby, I truly do try to live in the moment and cherish the beautiful times and sometimes the more difficult ones.

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